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About The Brand

The spiral app is a digital platform to help users enhance everyday life through secured information sharing. During the process of curating Spiral’s brand identity, we focus on creating a visual brand identity that could help promote Spiral’s product characteristics (Connection) and build a trusted brand image (Security) while conveying a playful brand personality.

The Challenge

Brand Image That Speaks Personality

As a brand, Spiral struggles to deliver the brand message to its audience with a strong brand representation. We were tasked to rebrand Spiral after learning about the platform itself and the meaning behind the name: Spiral - like a circle of people connecting with each other through a secured network. 

The Audience

Affluent Millennials aged from 


Annual income of 

$100K +

The Concept


The Hook

Spiral to present itself as a brand that is authentic and cares about information security to earn the audience's trust on this concept. 

How It Works

By designing the brand's visual identity as a spiraling circle, we also make the brand's logo look like a fingerprint to showcase how much the brand cares about security. 


People like to take control of what information about them is being shared. 

Concept Direction 

Here are the sketches that have been considered for the brand refresh.

Final Logo 
Visual Identity In Use

Here is how the logo is being structured and to better represent the brand for the audience's eyes. 

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