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Grey Poupon

About The Brand

Grey Poupon is a Dijon mustard dating back to 1777, prepared in the original French style with the finest wine and robust grade #1 mustard seed since the very beginning.

The Challenge

Brand Refresh

Reintroduce Grey Poupon to millennials by creating a brand refresh that articulates its enduring luxury in the present day, through its French and vintage roots. Show how this would come to life.

This isn’t a full rebrand. They don’t want to see a redesign of the brand’s logo or their iconic bottle shape. Instead, think about all the other ways a brand can express its identity. Create a refreshed brand identity that feels familiar to this audience and not only increases brand awareness, but also pushes them to choose Grey Poupon at the point of purchase.

The Audience

Affluent Millennials aged from 


Annual income of 

$70K +

The Concept


The Hook

Grey Poupon presents its products in ways that luxury products are traditionally presented to customers to highlight that Grey Poupon is a symbol of good taste and a luxurious way of living.

How It Works

People who own and offer Grey Poupon treat this dijon mustard with extra care and love to show that luxury does not have to be expensive things and you could live a luxurious life through small yet refined details.


To Millenials, luxury is no longer just a symbol of privilege, social status. It means sophistication, long-lasting quality, and uniqueness.

Print 1

Grey Poupon is elegant and precious dijon mustard. It is also the dijon mustard people feel nostalgic for. People love Grey Poupon so much that they share it with the person they want to spend every finest moment in life with.

Print 2

Grey Poupon is crafted with the best ingredients to ensure the refined taste and texture, just like other exquisite collections, Grey Poupon should be displayed in a way to match its finest quality.

Print 3

Grey Poupon is a premium dijon mustard that represents the finest flavor and the serious presentation of Grey Poupon at the restaurant you dine in shows the high standard of the restaurant and its chef’s selection.

Print Ads Overview

Precious for Proposal

Print 1

Delish on Display

Print 2

Supreme in Showcase

Print 3


An experiential station at a grocery store where a consumer purchases a bottle of Grey Poupon and asks the cashier for a bag. The cashier bags everything else in the plastic bag while carefully wraps the Grey Poupon bottle in tissue paper, seals with Grey Poupon sticker, bags in one nicely designed paper bag after another just like how they would treat a Prada product.

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