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Spice It Up 

Replace Stock Images With Customized Illustraions 

Firstleaf is an algorithm-based wine subscription service. It helps wine lovers to find the hidden gems that fit their taste profiles. Users take a quiz on the company's website and the algorithm creates a wine suggestion profile for each user. This service aims to provide a custom wine experience for everyone, beginners, and experts. 

Firstleaf also owns the Firstleaf Wine School, where experienced writers curate insightful content around wine selection and fun facts. For a customized service like Firstleaf, making sure every piece of content is unique and original is the key to success. In this case, I found that personalized illustrations are much easier to resonate with viewers than generic stock images, not mentioning the consistent look and feel that customer illustrations create. At the time of documenting this project, I created illustrations for 17 articles. However, I read more than 50 different articles to understand the terminologies in wine culture and to incubating visual ideas for each article. This project reminds me exactly why I love working in the creative field — I learn about different subject matters from each project that I take on and get the opportunity to create solutions for problems that I would have not faced in other industries. 

Visual Story-telling

Creating illustrations is not just a process of making something artistically pleasing. By coming up with an illustration for each blog, I went through dozens of inspirations, ideas, and executions and decided on the most content-fitting and optimized approaches every time. 

Firstleaf Wine School Blog Illustrations

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