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A Moment Of Glory

Inspired By The Greatest Showman

The client insisted on using a "The Greatest Showman" design for its party invite. It was a celebration for all graduating seniors at Stony Brook University and the design objective is to honor these senior student's accomplishments during their time at Stony Brook University. I selected a Circus themed free type and added fading effects on the 3-D floating texts. The stage lighting entails the final moments of graduation with the shadow of a character wearing the Caps and Gowns. I also chose to use light leaks in this design in order to address the colorful life through college and to create a festival atmosphere. 


In order to deliver the necessary information as direct and clear as it could be, I kept the other font as minimalist as possible. The event invite was displayed in 6 different dining halls & student lounges and was digitally sent to every graduate seniors at Stony Brook University.

Stony Brook University (SBU) Senior Ball Advertising

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