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The Symptoms

As a legacy bank, Wells Fargo wants to break into the Gen Z demographic and define a relationship of the future between Wells Fargo and Generation Z.

The Psychological Analysis

Gen Z wants more than a bank, they want a catalyst that empowers them to carry out their daily life chores and enables them to live the lifestyle they desire.

The Therapeutic Offering

Wells Fargo will insert itself everywhere Gen Z currently is and everywhere they can imagine. 

Wells Fargo

How Far Can We Go? 
Going Anywhere

By inserting itself everywhere Gen Z is and anywhere Gen Z wants to be, Wells Fargo shows Gen Z that they are more than a bank that people carry physically but a brand that empowers Gen Z to live the lifestyle they like and to be who they are. 

Campaign Hub

Wells Fargo will also launch its campaign hub that includes social causes that Gen Z cares about and corporate social responsibilities that Wells Fargo is currently doing. 

Lastly, this hub will serve as an opportunity to enable the Gen Z audience to push further on issues that they care about through Wells Fargo's initiatives.  

How Far Can We Go For Our Planet?

Wells Fargo will launch a Benefit Concert in Miami following Earth Day 2023. Wells Fargo cardholders will receive an exclusive presale advantage and many other perks at the concert. 

To launch this concert, Wells Fargo will headline with climate change activist Billie Eilish and collaborate with Future Coalition, whose main focus is Youth Climate Justice. 

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