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A Brand That Roars Bronx

Bronx-based Boxing Gear Company

After presenting the first deck of brand book design to my clients-VSL Fighting. The client was looking for something more playful and the Bronx themed designs (where the company was first founded).


I regrouped with my teammates and discussed what we had missed in the first branding deck design. I further brainstormed some other elements that could be included in the brand. One example was the boxing rings where I stacked them and stroked them in three different colors (red, blue and yellow), representing the dignity and authenticity of the company.

Big Challenge

While it is easy to help a boxing gear company build a brand that fits the industrial standard, it is challenging to find the precise brand voice and match it with the brand impression. 

To better experience the Bronx as an outsider, our team took a couple of field trips to the Bronx and VSL Fighting's factory.

VSL Fighting Branding Final Version

Like What You See?

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