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Boxing Startup

From Fighters To Business Owners

I took on this branding project for the rising boxing startup company VSL Fighting. VSL Fighting I founded by Jim Lyman and Joey Valle, a professional fighter. The company was looking for a more appealing branding experience as well as a consistent guideline for its marketing division to follow. 

As a team, we conducted researches on current brands that are in the boxing industry, such as Rumble Boxing, Everlast, Title Boxing...etc. As a newcomer in the field, VSL Fighting had a hard time find its voice that makes it standout and resonates with its audience. 

Big Challenge

Without having much knowledge of the industry, our team had spent weeks researching, surveying, and interviewing just to gain more insights into how the market works. As a designer, I browsed various modern boxing brands and conducted analyses on their common success. 

From rethinking the brand's visual identities to constructing the company's tone and voice across digital platforms, I chose a more modern, bold yet elegant approach to help the brand compete with its industrial competitors. 

VSL Fighting Branding

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