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User Engagement Ethics

Before you interact with users, here are a few things to put in mind:

  • Review your goals for the interaction

  • Make sure each part of the interaction meets the goal

  • Collect all of the material needed and organize them

  • Practice the interaction with someone else

User Engagement process


  • Let the user know what the goals are and let them know that there are no right or wrong answers

  • Their participation is completely voluntary

  • They are free to stop participating at any time

  • If they wish to stop participating this will not negatively affect their relationship with your company/institution


  • Encourage elaboration

  • Keep control of the interaction

  • Maintain a respectful tone


  • Remind them about the goals of the interaction and what you plan to do with their data

  • Ask if they have anything else to add

  • Thank them for their participation

User interaction versus Research

Research: a systematic investigation, including research development, testing, and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge

  • You are conducting researches if you are collecting information with users with the goal of reporting the findings in a conference (workshop, poster, demo, etc), publication, or other professional venues.

  • Conducting research requires that a different set of interaction protocols that are approved by an ethics review board.

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