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Focus Group

Goal: engage users in direct conversations (interviews < high degree interaction > survey)

Focus Group Composition:

  • Users (5-10)

  • Design Team

    • Moderator

    • Note Taker

    • Media Person (optional)


  • Schedule

    • 5-10 minutes warm-up

    • 5 minutes creative exercise

    • 45 minutes discussion (3 topics)

    • 5 minutes wrap up

Data Types

  • Qualitative

    • Notetakers handwritten notes

    • Transcribed data

  • Quantitative

    • Demographic

    • Opinions


  • Rich data in a timely manner

  • Group dynamic inspires


  • Need a team to carry out the technique

  • Social influence may lead to group thinking (don't represent individual thinking)

  • Influential member

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