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Re-discover A Brand's Voice

Rebranding and Repositioning

As a family-oriented travel agency, First in Service puts its people first. With that belief in mind, the brand needed a new look after its original guideline being created in 2013. I started the project by interviewing leaders at First in Service and created a brand survey to better understand the company as well as how it is perceived by the company's essential employees. 

I continued to learn that the company has always talked about its people and that unique bond among its employees is really what makes First in Service different from other travel agencies. I brought up the idea to showcase more "human elements" throughout the brand's digital platforms and incorporate this belief in its branding guideline.

Emphasize On People

When it comes to digital strategy, brands often seek beautiful images. One of the most important things for digital content nowadays is the ability to tell a story. Like many others, First in Service struggled with its digital content plan. When I started this project, I advised the team to showcase more humans in their photos of travel destinations because through my research it shows that travelers like to picture themselves into the destination when they seek travel inspirations. 

I further offered more art direction as well as guidelines on the brand's tone and voice to help form their digital strategy. 

F1S Branding

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