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The World's First Anti-microbial Garment

Marking Word™

BioRomper is an emerging apparel brand that was born during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was tasked to curate the brand from designing the logo and guiding the brand's digital and print art direction. After learning about the purpose of creating this anti-microbial jumpsuit, which is to offer peace of mind for travelers during and after the pandemic, I started with deconstructing the task, articulate the messaging, researching the market, the subject matter, and coming up with the possible executions. 

The brand name, BioRomper, is easy to remember yet possesses that authority, expertise and promises to reduce cross-surface contamination. The name guided me to picture a brand that is futuristic, clean, and related to flying. Then an idea of consumer wearing the BioRomper garment as space suits popped into my head. I did several sketches on the brand name and logo, eventually decided on the approach to use negative space and create a visual illusion. 

Curating A Brand, Not Building One

Curating a brand from the ground up and making it stand out is no easy task. A brand has a personality and decides how the audience interacts with the business. With BioRomper, I conduct market researched and gained insights into how people feel about traveling during the pandemic. The result is that some people are ready to start traveling again, yet they would still consider a safer and more hygienic way to travel. This is where I foresee and develop the brand personality, being bold, being inspirational, and being trustworthy. 

BioRomper Brand Curation

Like What You See?

Articulating The Concept

The concept of BioRomper is to inspire people who are ready to travel to go out there, safely. Using the concept where it shows clouds coming into sight through an airplane window, it affirms the idea that there is a whole world to explore but explore with hygiene and safety by using BioRomper products. 

The brand is not encouraging people to travel, but to those who are traveling, it encourages you to travel with peace of mind and travel with safety precautions. The same airplane window concept is widely used in BioRomper branding, including the website and print assets. 

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