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The Symptoms

The world is overworked, overwhelmed, and spending too much time inside. Banana Boat wants to stand out in the sunscreen industry by making the outdoor experience more fun for its consumer

The Psychological Analysis

Having children play outside means less destruction at home hence it makes parenting much easier. 

The Therapeutic Offering

Let’s show parents that by allowing children to play outside, Banana will protect children from the sun while saving parents the worry of messiness at home. 

Banana Boat

The Babysitter That You Need
Your Ticket to Joy, Comes in Double.

Banana Boat will partner with local children's amusement parks: each Banana Boat sunscreen purchase gives you rewards that could be redeemed as a ticket to these parks. 

If you buy a duo pack, share one with your friends who also have children and you both get the reward!

Of course, we have outdoor areas dedicated for parents to enjoy a drink or spa while their children are playing, after all, fun comes in double.

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