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6 Feet


Be Part Of What's Going On During COVID-19

6FTCloser was founded in April 2020 in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The Co-Founder Noah Friedman has reached out for help on video production. I volunteered and dedicated 10-15 hours weekly to help produce content for YouTube, Instagram, and other channels. 

The reason I joined 6FTCloser is that the startup uses technology and media to help connect the world through authentic recognition and gratitude, empowering people to live more hopeful, empathetic, and positive lives. It offers everyone like you and me a medium to show our gratitude and recognition and become involved in what is happening in the world while staying home.

Content While Staying Home

A big challenge for this freelance project is to connect with the audience on a deeper emotional level while delivering the right message to encourage the audience to participate. For each video production, I went through each raw footages a couple of times to form a unique narrative and by adding sentimental tracks to help connect the narrative.

Like What You See?

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